The moon and her mysteries hold the key to our highest potential. Her magnificence guides us as she brightens the night sky and fades away in an everlasting cycle. When we align with her, we allow for our manifestations to occur more naturally and with ease. It’s no surprise that our ancestors would hold ceremonies for her, sing to her, and even tell tales of her royalty. She is the breath of life. She holds the power of the divine feminine.

The Lunar Living guide takes you through the Lunar cycles and explains how each phase influences our mental, physical, and spiritual bodies. In this guide, you will learn how to integrate the different phases of the moon into your life. The guide provides teachings from one of the most ancient holistic healing systems in the world: Ayurveda. 

This guide provides you with knowledge on:

  • A New Moon Detox
  • The Biological Influences of the Moon
  • The Moon and Ovulation
  • Timing of Ceremonies & Rituals 
  • Ayurveda and the Lunar Cycles
  • Waxing & Waning Moon Meal Structures

And many more exciting aspects of the moon.

It’s time to truly unlock the divine feminine within, and allow yourself to receive the abundance you deserve. You are forever protected by her love. Allow yourself to flow with her energy and experience all of her beautiful guidance. It’s your time, and you are fully supported by her grace.

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