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My name is Polina Beregova. Many of you may know me through my social media channels, whether that be Youtube (Pbbunny97, DailyPolina), Instagram (Pbbunny97yt), Twitter (Pbbunny97), or my blog (PolinasLife.com). I've always been fascinated with the spiritual realm, and have been practicing crystal work, meditation, kundalini yoga, and other energy work in my recent years. Astrology has always been something I was fascinated with, so I decided to delve into Astrology education, and become a certified chart reader. Here, I offer personal readings of your birth chart that will give you cosmic insight into your life’s journey. 

I will use your birth chart, looking at all planet alignments at your time of birth to give you detailed information about your personality, relationships and personal expression. Your natal chart is a map of the alignment of the planets and stars at the moment of your birth. It tells the story of your life's lessons, soul purpose and good fortune. Your unique view of the world is revealed within your birth chart. My intent in all my readings is to provide you with information about yourself to help better your understanding of your true self, and empower you throughout your life's journey.

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