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Money Magic Manifestation Ceremony


Money Magic Manifestation Ceremony

A potent Ceremony to magnetize financial abundance with joy.

Money is simply an energetic exchange of value. We exchange money (energy) for that which we believe gives us value. We, ourselves, establish this value internally, and direct Money (energy) in these directions.

Money flows differently in different frequencies. Our thoughts, beliefs, and actions demonstrate our frequency, and in turn, the ways in which we allow and exchange money.

Through conditioning and perhaps previous experiences, many have deemed Money as "bad", "selfish", or any other expression demonstrating its taboo.

Through this conditioning, lack, judgement, and other shadow characteristics have been projected onto Money, making those who seek it "materialistic" and those who have it "greedy".

When you live in a frequency that holds these beliefs, you repel Money. Money is no longer your friend, and does not want to be around a vibration that shames it endlessly.

Once you realize that Money is in fact your friend, and begin to recognize all of its light traits, you begin to cherish and love it dearly.

You begin to realize that Money can give you the freedom to enjoy life as you wish, travel freely, purchase goods that bring you joy, donate to causes close to your Heart, share with those you love, and even raise children in an expansive, joyful and abundant environment.

Money is an energy that amplifies. If your intentions have always been selfish, Money will amplify this. If your intentions have been expansive, joyful and generous, Money will amplify this.

In the same way that you enjoy being around others who cherish and love you, Money flows to those who love, respect, and enjoy it as well.

Allowing Money in is a sort of energetic art that requires the stripping of limiting beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, paired with energetic excercise that makes you M A G N E T I C.

In this Ceremony, I will explain how Money manifests in the Quantum Field, step by step.

Once you understand the physics behind Money and its energetic patterns, you are then free to allow it into your world.

Next, I will lead us through a potent Meditation/Activation to energetically align you with the Abundance Frequency, a frequency in which overflowing energy resonates.

Tapping into the Abundance Frequency allows you to access higher states of Consciousenss where opportunity, magic, and Quantum Leaps are expected.

You are able to tap into the Wealthy and Magnetic version of you, and you are then able to create with ease that which is always yours.

Lastly, I will walk you through a Ritual that allows a Magnetic Field of Abundance to be activated around you as you watch Money magnetize to you in the coming weeks, months, and so forth.

Making more in a month than you have in a year becomes possible, feeling and activating your Wealth Vibration becomes possible, attracting opportunities and people that assist you in potent ways becomes possible, and anchoring in the A B U N D A N T and W E A L T H Y timeline of you becomes possible.

It's time to love Money. It's time to feel turned on by Money. It's time to feel abundant in Money. It's time to live a life so expansive, that Money becomes a potent tool to access, experience, and create a life that makes you feel J U I C Y and M A G N E T I C.

Let's make those desires your reality. You in?





*Comfy/Quiet Space

*Carve out some time



*Green or Yellow Candle (Optional)


*Yours to Do Whenever You Desire


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