10 Week “Change Your Life & Create Miracles” Coaching Package


10 Week “Change Your Life & Create Miracles” Coaching Package

Often times, we forget about the powers within us. Within our palms, our veins, and the glow in our eyes lies the Universe. The power of ultimate manifestation is a flow that lies in our soul. I’m here to help you remove blockages that stop you from the flow of love, light, and the overflowing abundance of all you desire. I’m here to help you connect to your higher self, release fear, and align with the energy of love and joy - allowing you to co-create your reality into the “dream life” you’ve always wanted. Don’t be surprised if every week miracles begin to manifest. Don’t be surprised if you feel lighter and clearer each and every day. Don’t be surprised if you see synchronicities everywhere you look. Most importantly, don’t be afraid when you change your life & create miracles.

  • This 10 week package includes: A Reiki Healing Session with Ksenia (My Mother - a Certified Master Reiki Practitioner), A Full Birth Chart Description + Analysis (Giving you a deeper insight into your cosmic makeup and how it affects your nature, strengths, and path here on Earth), A Weekly 1 Hour Skype Coaching Session (Each session will be different, as we will look at your individual needs.
  • We will be working on clearing blockages, bringing light into your auric field, manifesting the opportunities, people, or financial abundance you want into your life. We will custom create your sessions. Whether you want to do meditations to release any negative energy, or ask me to do tarot to look at your week ahead/gain clarity on a given situation)
  • These 10 weeks are guaranteed to change your life and get on the path of manifesting your desires and living a life of love, light, and infinite joy.
  • I will only be taking 10 people under my wing for the 10 week sessions, as my time is limited, and I am dedicated to pouring my heart and soul into my 10 clients - helping them co-create their dream life.

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