SILVER Container | 1:1 Mentorship


SILVER Container | 1:1 Mentorship

Growing your Spiritual Business should be filled with ease and pleasure. This is why I teach from a point of Feminine Leadership. From a space where you get to feel nourished, prosperous, and overflowing in your desires all while adding value, Magnetizing clients who inspire you, and 10x your business while doing so.

Creating from a true sense of ease and pleasure allows your business to prosper, grow with ease, and attract the right kinds of people for you to serve.

I teach you how to tap into this Feminine Essence that may have been dormant for some time as you've followed the structural, masculine ways of doing things.

Using strategy after strategy, working more and more hours, trying "technique" after technique and experiencing only a bit of growth.

I want to get you past your current income mark. I want to 10x you. Yes, you heard me right. If you're making $5k, I want to 10x it. Stuck at a $10k barrier? I want to 10x that. Already hitting $20k+ months, yep, I want to re-strategize your business structure so can work the same, if not less, yet 10x your business while feeling expansive and at ease.

I work not only based on strategy, but deeply on the energetics as Money, Magnetism, and Receiving are all deeply embedded in our subconscious thoughts and actions.

Working with the Divine Feminine essence in your business activates a space of pleasure, creativity, joy, receivership and ease.

More Money, more ease. More inspiration, more ease. More aligned opportunities, more ease. More soulmate clients, more ease. This is what I am here to activate and support you in.

Often times, we forget about the powers within us. Within our palms, our veins, and the glow in our eyes lies the Universe. The power of ultimate manifestation is a flow that lies in our soul. I’m here to help you remove blockages that stop you from the flow of love, light, and the overflowing abundance of all you desire.

I’m here to help you connect to your higher self, release fear, and align with the energy of love and joy - allowing you to co-create your reality into the “dream life” you’ve always wanted. Don’t be surprised if every week miracles begin to manifest. Don’t be surprised if you feel lighter and clearer each and every day. Don’t be surprised if you see synchronicities everywhere you look. Most importantly, don’t be afraid when you change your life & create miracles.

Channeling guidance, providing valuable tools and processes and mentoring others throughout their spiritual journey and ascension process is what I will do for you in this sacred time.

In our session I will be able to intuitively tap into your energy field in order to channel information most valuable at that time. 

Through my channeled information I will be able to provide valuable information - metaphysical explanation, manifestation steps, practices/rituals - in order to shift your energy and in turn, allow you to move forward with greater clarity, success, peace and abundance.

This One Month Package Includes:

  • 4x One Hour 1:1 Private Sessions

  • Daily 1:1 Text Support via Telegram Messaging

  • Access to Any Live Courses That Are Running During Your Mentorship

*I tap into a specific energy state for these sessions and am able to channel information from the cosmos as well as your higher self to give you the "keys" that you most need in that moment to move forward in your purpose.

I honor you. I welcome you. This is YOUR time, so be ready to transform your reality.


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