Cleansing Guide - Crystals + Your Aura


Cleansing Guide - Crystals + Your Aura

Among all of the questions I receive, cleansing has become the most prevalent topic in the last few weeks. I decided to create a guide on ways to cleanse your crystals (which many of you ask how to do), but how to cleanse and clear your own energy as well. Our energy fields are extremely important - as they become the magnets that attract everything else in our lives. When our energetic fields get dense, pick up low vibrations, and operate at a low frequency we begin to attract bad situations, awful people, and overall unfulfilling. In order to stay at a high frequency with a clear and charged energetic field we must be careful with our energy. However, when we’re around groups of people all day every day, we end up picking up things we never intended to. So how do we clear our energy tools (crystals) and ourselves?

This guide will go over all the methods of cleansing your energetic tools (crystals), as well as how to cleanse your energetic field in order to be clean, clear, and in line with manifesting all of your desires.

All the cleansing information you've ever desired - all in one place!

Love & Light,


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