ABUNDANCE Frequency Manifestation Ceremony


ABUNDANCE Frequency Manifestation Ceremony

A Ceremony to guide you into accessing the ABUNDANCE Frequency, activate the prosperity codes within you, and allow you to become magnetic.

This Ceremony is a sacred space to unlock your unique prosperity codes.

Within ourselves we hold the codes to universal ABUNDANCE, success, joy, ease, fulfillment, and prosperity.

Yet, these codes often lie not only doormant, but under layers of societal conditioning and programming.

We are taught that wealth and ABUNDANCE are only available to the select few, that accessing ABUNDANCE takes hard work and hustle, and that we have to prove our worth outwardly in order to receive the prosperity and fulfillment that we desire.

I am here to tell you that the story you have been living in has been just that, a story.

You, my dear, have the capacity to Co-Create a new one. You have access to all the codes that will gently guide you towards a life of fulfillment. You have access to the timelines and versions of you that are thriving in great joy, success, and gratitude.

You have access to the ABUNDANCE Frequency.

Like a gushing waterfall, waiting for you to join, the ABUNDANCE Frequency exists and flourishes with ease. It pours itself onto you, relishing in your delight as your world lights up with desires fulfilled, hearts full, wealth established, and purpose clear.

Yet, we must get into a state of being to access this frequency.

Many go their whole lives without fully stepping into this delicious and spacious energetic vibration... tip toeing around their desire, perhaps even feeling into their capability... yet never plunging in.

Perhaps they don't fully believe it's possible for them... perhaps they're afraid of who they will become... or perhaps they do not have the energetic space to hold these blessings once they come gushing in with joy.

In this Ceremony, you will be guided through a channeled meditation / activation to create space in your energetic field to hold the ABUNDANCE you desire, connect you to the divine ABUNDANCE Frequency, and guide you through a unique and powerful Ritual to step into your Co-Creation power as you unlock the prosperous, joyfilled, and ABUNDANCE codes within yourself.

You will be able to feel your magnetism, understand the dynamics of wealth, prosperity, and harmonious energy exchange, integrate a high consciousness energy, and allow ABUNDANCE to fill your life with gratitude and ease.


*A pencil and paper/journal

*A yellow / orange / blue candle

*A comfy/quiet space

*Your spiritual tools that you enjoy (Sage, Palo Santo, Sprays, Crystals, etc.)

*Yours to download and access when you desire

I look forward to activating your prosperity codes



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