House Blessing Ceremony | Your Home as an Energy Vortex


House Blessing Ceremony | Your Home as an Energy Vortex

A Ceremony to bless your home space with harmony, ease, abundance, creation and joy.

Your home is a sacred space like no other. It holds you, supports you, and is truly a mirror for your subconscious to work with.

It is an extension of your own energy, a reflection of the energy flow within yourself.

Your home is a powerful space as it is an extension of your own energetic field, and is the space in which you live.

The energy in your home should ideally be clear, potent, magnetic, and nourishing.

It should be a space that further holds your unique codes, further magnifies your intentions, and is a living symbol of all that you are now and all that you desire to be in this now moment.

This House Blessing Ceremony will walk you through connecting your home with Light Codes, Symbols, Energetic Waterfalls of ABUNDANCE, and an invokation to allow your home to encode your truest nature and most energized intentions.

This House Blessing Ceremony will allow you to clear away any old energy, release the past, and allow for a supportive and thriving space to come to life.

I will guide you through a Ritual to activate your home into alignment with your desires, growth, intentions, and desired energetic support to encode your space as a living transmission of your "Reality".

This Ceremony will allow for your home to now be an activated space that guides you, nourishes you, and provides energetic support as living, breathing extension of All That You Are.

A life of more ease, joy, support, harmony and connection activates.

A space of clarity and inspiration unfolds.

A peace of inner knowing surrenders.

Your home unravels, opens, activates, and embodies an eternally blossoming YOU.

See you there.





*A comfy/quiet space

*A pen and paper

*A white or navy blue jar filled with water (clear/lighly colored is also ok)

*Flowers (Optional)

*An orange candle (Optional)

*Your desired Spiritual Tools (Sage, Palo Santo, Crystals, etc.)

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