Lion's Gate Manifestation Ceremony (8/8)


Lion's Gate Manifestation Ceremony (8/8)

A cosmic portal awakens, opens, and invites us in to Quantum Leap into our highest reality on 8/8.

This cosmic event occurs once a year, and is something the spiritual community celebrates and looks forward to each and every time.

This year, due to the already heightened energies and vibrations that are consistently being radiated and integrated here on Earth, this event is an opportunity for MEGA MANIFESTATION.

Join me in this Ceremony as we unlock the doors of the Lion's Gate, opening ourselves up to immense clarity, joy, love, and success in ways that are beyond our imagination.

Entering this portal allows for Quantum Leaps to occur.

What may have taken years to manifest can now be allowed in in months. Desires, wishes and more are able to be instantly fulfilled, and seen on the physical plane quicker than ever before.

Dreams that we have had forever, wishes that we may have tucked away, and deep desires that live within our Soul now have the potential to be even more activated, and create tangible results NOW.

If you are thinking BIG, if you KNOW your next chapter awaits you, and if you are finally ready to live a live that FULLY invigorates you... this Ceremony is for you.

You will notice your energy shift in powerful ways. You will feel the clarity within. You will feel yourself magnetize opportunitues, events, and success like never before.

You will begin to uncover more and more of your authentic self, which gives you purpose, pleasure, and abundance (of course) in all areas of your life.

In this Ceremony I will guide you in to and through the Lion's Gate Energetic Portal, activating you fully in this divine energy, and walking you through a channeled meditation/activation to furthermore align with you absolute HIGHEST most FULFILLING reality.

Next, I will take us through a Manifesting Ritual after being immersed and activated in the NEW 5D energetic imprint.

Lastly, I will open up the floor to a Q&A for the remaining time, and do an Oracle Reading for the group in order to provide more guidance, understanding, and alignment.

**You will receive a download link.

Other Details:

*You will need a notebook/sheet of white paper and a pen.

*New candle optional (will be used in ritual if desired).

*Comfy quiet space

*Yoga Mat (optional)

*Wearing yellow clothing (if possible)



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