Manifesting Love Ceremony & Ritual


Manifesting Love Ceremony & Ritual
There comes a point where we know true, deep, and genuine love is what we desire. This ceremony is the activation to allow this love in.

About this Ceremony & Ritual

Whether you are in the space of allowing your partner in, or simply wanting to infuse, deepen, and invigorate your current relationship, this Ceremony and Ritual is a powerful activation to do so.

I will be guiding you through a channeled activation meditation that cleanses through Heart and Root Chakra blockages, empowers the Solar Plexus, and infuses the Sacaral Chakra in order to divinely align you into empowerment. Next, I will lead you through a Love Ritual. Lastly, we will finish off with a shared Q&A.

Through this powerful activation, we will be creating an energetic portal and intention to shift into your highest divine timeline, where passionate, joyful, and meaningful love is reality.

This portal will create energetic ripples that will shift your energetic field, aura, and in turn your reality.

You will begin to see magical ocurrences in your daily life, synchronicities, opportunities, and overall harmony like never before.

If you are already in a relationship, you will begin to feel the energetic container between you and your partner fill with infused love, passion, and appreciation for one another.

You will be able to connect on a much deeper level, allow space for them to come forward towards you more, and establish a smoother, easier, and more fulfilling timeline for you both.

Your relationship will begin to shift, transform, and blossom in unimaginable ways, as you look back in gratitude for this powerful Ceremony and Ritual.

If you are calling in a partner, get ready for magic. This space will shift your timeline and align you divinely with a partner that loves you deeply, appreciates your every dimension, and thrives in the space of your relationship.

An opportunity for true love will present itself, giving you the key, and allowing you to open the ever so beautiful door of harmonious partnership.

If you are ready for a relationship that feels like home, a love that inspires you, and a person that wants the same deep, invigorating, and passionate partnership as you... you have come to the right place.

What You Will Need

*A notebook

*A pen/pencil

*A comfy quiet space

*A green candle (optional)

*Any tools/crystals that you would like to incorporate in your practice

I'm ready to witness great love for you. Are you?



*You will receive a video download

*1.4 Hours long
*Yours to keep FOREVER
*You can do this Ceremony and Ritual WHENEVER and HOWEVER many times you desire

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