New Moon Manifestation Ceremony - Getting UN-Stuck + Activating Your WORTH


New Moon Manifestation Ceremony - Getting UN-Stuck + Activating Your WORTH

This New Moon Ceremony is an extremely powerful way to align with the energies of the cosmos, plant your seeds of desire into the Quantum Field, and allow all that you desire to come to you in the next 2-4 weeks.

We will begin the ceremony with a guided meditation. I will lead you through a powerful energetic shift in order to enter the energetic portal of this New Moon activation. Entering this energetic portal aligns you with your highest timelines, melts away resistance, and allows abundance to pour into your life.

Clearing your energetic field, bringing in white light, and deeply activating your eneregtic centers to receive, this ritual is powerful and effective.

As we enter the portal you will feel your vibration rise, your heart open, empowerment begin to shape your being, and in turn, inspiration towards your greatest dream take shape.

Aligning with your highest timeline will allow life to flow with harmony and ease, as you live in a state of empowerment and knowing, and attract/allow abundance in with gratitude and joy.

This activated state brings you into a 5D state, where freedom, joy, and fulfillment are core principles. Where you are able to live in harmony, allow light codes that serve your highest good, and live a life that feels yummy and joyful along the way.

The current climate is of heightened energy, where Quantum Leaps are possible, deep love is possible, sexy abundance is possible, and your dreams becoming your daily life is possible.

This Ceremony and Ritual is a gateway and activation to align with this timeline with ease, joy, and excitement.

Next, I will guide you through a beautiful and effective Ritual. In this ritual we will be creating space for your intentions to seed into the Quantum Field. I will discuss ways in which you can supercharge your intentions, create powerful "Thought Links", and activate your intentions further in order to bring in the love, success, and abundance you deserve.

Lastly, we will have a 30 minute Q&A where I will answer any questions, topics, and themes that come up in our group. This is a wonderful opportunity for 1-on-1 answers from me, and I look forward to connecting with you.

This New Moon Ceremony will truly shift your timeline, energize your auric field, and harmonize your heart space so that that which you desire is magnetized to you through the Quantum Field. This is a powerful, divine, and love filled space that I am excited to share with you.

Other Details:

*You will need a notebook/sheet of white paper and a pen.

*New candle optional (will be used in ritual if desired).

*Comfy quiet space

**Yours to keep :)



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