Purpose Activation & Clarity Ceremony and Ritual


Purpose Activation & Clarity Ceremony and Ritual

Awaken to your purpose, receive guidance, messages and an internal awakening to more of who you are and what you can become.

It is up us to become receptive enough to hear and see guidance as Spirit guides us from one thing to the next.

Our purpose is a path that lights up through the guidance of a clear Heart and an open Third Eye.

Our willpower to execute the guidance comes from a healed and prosperously functioning Solar Plexus Chakra.

Our ability to sustain growth and success as we embark on our path in our purpose and mission comes from a grounded and healthy Root Chakra.

Our ability to RECEIVE abundance, pleasure, ease, joy and success comes from a healed and powerful Solar Plexus Chakra.

Expressing ourselves and recieving higher consciousness information comes from our Throat and Crown Chakra.

If you desire to receive clarity in your life about where to go next, which steps to take next, and perhaps a huge message about what is TRULY right for your being and Soul… this Ceremony is for you.

You will be guided through…

♥️ A sound healing to cleanse, clear and purify your energetic system and charge it with higher frequency energetics

♥️ A hypnosis for abundance, success, wealth and prosperity with ease and joy

♥️ A ritual to invoke divine guidance on your path to becoming more of who you are and inviting life to show you who you can BE at your most aligned state

♥️ An Oracle reading showing you where you are now, what’s holding you back, and where to direct your energy

♥️ Channeled messages

I know you are meant to be here if you feel the pull and soft “yes” buzzing through your body.

See you inside!

With so much love,




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