REBIRTH Manifestation Ceremony & Ritual


REBIRTH Manifestation Ceremony & Ritual

You know the desires that lie deep in your Soul. You know the untapped potential that whispers at you in the morning and night. You know you are capable of not only more love and success, but of M O R E fulfillment and enjoyment in this life.

Within you lies infinite potential, enough to fill up multiple timelines. You are so vast, so infinite, and so Divine, yet have come to believe quite the opposite.

We come as multidimensional beings in these human bodies to uncover the truth: the truth that inside us lie all the keys, all the tools, and all the answers...

These truths are hidden deep beneath our shadows, our conditioning, and our "reality" as we perceive it.

This REBIRTH Ceremony will allow you to release all that is not you.

All the worries, fears, anxieties, and stories that you have been telling yourself that do not light you up inside? Those must melt away.

All the unworthiness, although sometimes hidden in sneaky ways, that makes love and success difficult to sustain? That must melt away.

The patterns you repeat in your life that make you feel S T U C K? Those M U S T melt away.

Beneath these old beliefs and stories lies a new tale. A story of great joy, immense success, more ABUNDANCE than the eye could ever perceive or the Heart even know, and more J O Y than you ever thought was truly possible.

The thoughts we think become the beliefs we have and thus, the stories we tell ourselves.

These stories become embedded in our energetic fields, and in turn, attract a "Reality" that reflects these back to us, affirming them like never before.

In this REBIRTH Ceremony, we will release these stories, and instead, create new ones.

Stories that support our growth, stories that enrich our lives, and stories that create Pure Magic in our lives, reminding us of the powerful Beings that we are.

Join me in this REBIRTH Ritual if you know it is time to shed some old skin.

Join me in this REBIRTH Ritual if you know there is more for you and you are finally ready to allow it.

Join me in this REBIRTH Ritual if you feel the N E W you brewing inside, and you're ready to unleash him/her.

Most importantly, join me if you K N O W you are worthy of more. If you want to live a live that genuinely inspires you. If you want to live a life in integrity with your Soul's desires. If you want to give BIRTH to the you that changes lives, allows in magnetic love, creates financial ABUNDANCE like never before, and lives a life that turns you on in all way.

You deserve to live a life of luxury.

Whether that be your silk sheets, money in the bank that gets you excited each and every day, healthy meals that light you up, or F R E E D O M to do what truly fulfills you.. you deserve it all.

In this Ceremony and Ritual we will...

❤ Release old patternings, beliefs, and thought forms that are not in line with your true story

❤ Nourish the inner-child and create a supportive energy for them

❤ Activate our N E W story

❤ Reprogram our subconscious with our N E W story and align with our Highest Timeline

❤ Energetically step into our new "Reality"

❤ Create a magnetic energetic field around us to magnetize our desires and create our story here on Earth


*A comfy/quiet space

*A pen/pencil

*A piece of paper/notebook

*A Candle (Green/Orange) (Optional)

*Sage/Palo Santo (Optional



*Downloadable and yours to access where you desire

*1.7 Hours Long

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