Water Manifestation Ceremony and Ritual


Water Manifestation Ceremony and Ritual

Quantum Leap your reality with this powerful water manifestation Ceremony and Ritual.

Water is the bearer of information. Water stores energy, creates powerful momentum, and allows the flow of our reality to come in with ease.

Water has been used in Ceremonies and Ritual for years. Whether it has been used as an offering, a blessing, an initiation, or any other form of divination, it has been a tool of transformation, creation, and alignment.

Quantum Leaps ocurr when we charge our energetic fields in a heightened way, use intention and directed energy to push energy forward, and then sustain this frequency as our world upgrades.

This Water Manifestation Ceremony and Ritual gives you the opportunity to create a Quantum Leap in your life.

Whether this is creating windfall sums of financial abundance quickly, attracting your Divine Partner almost instantly, or shifting to a timeline that feels abundant, successful, and joyful in your Heart, this is your chance to do so.

This Water Manifestation Ceremony and Ritual allows great forms of high frequencies to enter your world, shifting you to a more optimal reality where things begin to click, click, click and opportunities move through you in fulfillment one after the other.

Quantum Leaping allows the abundance, success, and joy of what could have taken a year to manifest to occur in a fraction of the time with greater ease, excitement, and fullfillment.

A vision that may have been distant instantly apears, success multiplies before your eyes, and your reality transforms into a paradise of opportunity, success, and love.

If you want to shift into the next level of your life, upgrade your reality, and align energetically with your highest potential, I offer you this powerful energetic space to do so.

In this Ceremony and Ritual I will be guiding you through a channeled meditation/activation, lead you through the Water Manifestation Ritual, host an intimate Pick a Card, and open up the floor for a Q&A.

When you purchase your ticket, I bless your name and activate you energetically into this divine space.


*Create a comfy/quiet space

*You will need two pieces of paper and a pen

*You will need a glass, jar or jug for the Ritual

*New candle is optional (for ritual)

*After purchase, this download is yours to have :)



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